Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Hot Dog Shoppe: Located in Warren, Ohio

Restaurant Reviewed: The Hot Dog Shoppe, 740 West Market Street, Warren, Ohio 44481

Family Friendly: Yes

Recommended to others: Yes

Why? Excellent customer service, extrodinary food, and amazingly low prices


We went to Ohio to visit my mother and some family in March. It had been over a year the last time I had been at The Hot Dog Shoppe (which is torture if you have ever had their hot dogs). Many people that have never been to The Hot Dog Shoppe don't understand what the big deal is about their hot dogs. I'll let you in on a's the chili! Once you try a hot dog like that you can't eat any other kind! I'm getting off track, so let me go over our visit.

We stopped in about an hour before closing. To tell you the truth I was expecting sighs from teenagers that wanted to go home. We walked in and the place was still really packed, and more kept coming in! We got amazing customer service, and not even five minutes later we had our order, and it was correct!

Their prices are extremely reasonable. It's under a dollar for a hot dog. I believe it was the same for a chili and cheese dog, and i think it's a tad over a dollar for a kraut dog. Everything is sooooo good!

It's great to take the kids there because what kid doesn't like hot dogs? You can get plain ones for the kiddos, that way you don't have to pretreat chili stained clothes. The chili isn't spicy, it just has amazing flavor! Also try the chili cheese fries. You will never taste anything that compares to these chili cheese fries!

The Hot Dog Shoppe is also the only restaurant I know of that sells cherry Fanta. If you go, you've gotta get this! Just try everything on the menu! We walked out spending close to $15 for two boxes full of hotdogs, and a family size order of chili cheese fries. Their family size is truly a family size. You definately get what you pay for.