Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Shrimp Dock: Located in Farragut, TN

Retail/Restaurant Reviewed: The Shrimp Dock, Located at 11124 Kingston Pike, Suite 111, Knoxville, TN 37934

Family Friendly: No

Recommended to others: No

Why?: Rude, unfriendly service, felt rushed, customer discrimination based on appearance


Some of you may be wondering why I put customer discrimination above. Based on our trip to The Shrimp Dock, we felt discriminated against.

We have seen commercials on TV for The Shrimp Dock, and was wanting to try their fresh fish. So when we were running a few errands we were close to the Kingston Pike store and decided to stop to get some fresh fish for dinner on Wednesday afternoon.

When we walked in an employee was joking and laughing with a customer at the register while the employee was getting the woman her purchase. After the woman had left the smile faded from the employee's face with a smug unwelcoming look replacing it. This look was directed toward me, my husband, and my daughters.

We had stopped at the park earlier, so everyone was not dressed in their Sunday best so to say. We were in jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.

We were looking at the different selections of fish they had around the store since it was our first time in this store. With a tone in her voice saying that we were inconveniencing her she said "Can I help you?"

We answered saying we were looking around. She stayed at the register just staring at us, which made us feel quite uncomfortable.

We found the fresh fish case with Mahi-Mahi and some beautiful fillets of Tilapia. They were quite large, and had a beautiful color to them.

When we were trying to decide which fish we wanted the employee offered our daughters a necklace from a treasure chest. In my opinion, this was their only redeeming factor. However, it does not make up for how horrible the service was, or how we were overall treated.

After we retrieved the necklaces from the treasure chest by the door, we went back over to the fish case. While we were deciding my husband was looking at the chart hanging beside the case.

Just then a man dressed quite nicely walked in. Her smile returned and she ignored us to ask if she could help him, even though we knew what fillets we wanted and were ready to be checked out.

The man asked if he could speak to the owner, then her smile disappeared as she answered " I AM the owner" with quite a bit of attitude added to her tone. The man simply said he just wanted to leave a card with her, and he left.

She then turned to us and asked us very smugly and with a touch of attitude if we knew what we wanted. We told her we would take four of the Tilapia fillets.

While she was putting the fillets in a bag I had given her a compliment on her fillets saying " I don't think I've ever seen Tilapia fillets that big before! They look really good." She responded by almost yelling at me saying " They are!"

Overall, the fish looked amazing, though it was a bit overpriced. We felt rushed, unwelcome, and discriminated against. I would've given them another chance, but after finding out that the woman at the register was the owner I can only imagine how the rest of the staff treats paying customers. I can guarantee that I won't spend another cent or waste another minute of my time at The Shrimp Dock.

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